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This is a podcast dedicated to share the incredible stories of men and women I capture all across the United States through Golden Year Portraits. My hope is these stories inspire you to live rich and deeply meaningful lives.

My name is KT and I’m a Golden Years Portrait photographer based on Oahu, Hawaii with a heart to serve families all around the world. I'm an avid thrift, film enthusiast and total history buff... basically obsessed with ALL things vintage, including your grandparents. Nothing gets me going quite like hearing a story start with, "When I was your age..."  Now, my goal... above ALL else, is to help YOU document your grandparent's legacies through portrait photography and filmed interviews, soo you can cherish their stories forever. Sooo if you absolutely ADORE your grandparents and think they're the bee's knees... then you're in the right place, my friend! Let's give them a POWERFUL once in a life time gift and experience to not only honor and love them like they deserve, but also capture their stories for the future generations of your family!!! Ready to dive in?!



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I'm a firm believer that every single person has a story. Sometimes it glaringly obviously, other times you have to dig a little. Nonetheless, there's ALWAYS on there. I'm fascinated by them. My hope is to create another avenue in which these stories are shared, cherished and remembered! And that they will too rub off on you. Whether it's inspiring you to chase after your own love story or dream, or perhaps keep on keepin' on after tragedy and heartbreak. It's the human experience - the good and bad all mix together. 

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