I'm a film believer EVERYONE has a story to share.

Hey there!! My name is KT Howie and I'm a Golden Years Portrait photographer based on Oahu, Hawaii with a heart to help families, like YOU, capture their grandparent's epic legacies!!! Now, grab your self a glass a wine, and let's get to know each other, shall we?!

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My name is Katherine, but YOU can call me KT—

I’m a Golden Years Portrait photographer based on Oahu, Hawaii with a heart to help families document their grandparents' legacies through portraits and filmed interviews. I’m all about the real, the real and the authentic, but doing it in a way that’s bold, eccentric and unconventional.

Most everyone I meet considers me an old soul. I’m an avid thrifter, a film enthusiast and total history buff... basically I’m obsessed with anything and everything vintage. Most days you can find me soaking in the sun on some beach here in Hawaii or searching for a funky new outfit at the Goodwill down the street. I’m a HUGE advocate for unapologetically letting your freak flag fly and expressing yourself. 

Most of all, I wholeheartedly believe I’ve been placed on this earth to be a storyteller. And even though I’ve done just about EVERYTHING under the sun in the creative realm... there’s NOTHING I love more than documenting grandmas and grandpas. It’s the best and so magical and the thing I love most of all is in 100 years, YOUR great grandchildren will get a lil glimpse into some of the people you loved FIRST in your life, long after they're gone. It makes me super emotional to contribute to your legacy and capture those candid images you'll cherish for a lifetime.⁣ So if you're ready to make some history, help your grandparents feel LOVED... then let's do this friend!



Traveling is a gigantic passion of mine. If I’m not in Hawaii, you can bet your bottom dollar I’m out exploring the world. This travel schedule is based on booked adventures & my own personal trips... I’m constantly looking for an excuse to travel, so if you have an adventure... I'd LOVE to join you.


July 27th - July 31st // Seattle
July 31st - August 3rd // Phoenix
August 3rd - December 19th // Honolulu
December 20th - January 9th // Kansas City
January 9th - January 14th // Charleston

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