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Look no further. I've gotchu. 

My name is KT and I’m a Golden Years Portrait photographer based on Oahu, Hawaii with a heart to serve families all around the United States. I'm a FIRM believer that every single person has a story. Yup... everyone. Including YOU and your loved ones. My goal is to help YOU document your grandparent's legacies through portrait photography and filmed interviews soo you can cherish their stories forever. In simple terms, we sit down for a heart to heart, while they tell their WHOLE life story. From there, I craft the 2-3 hours of footage into a POWERFUL 30 minute documentary showcasing all the ups and downs, trails and triumphs. Sooo if you absolutely ADORE your grandparents and think they're the bee's knees... then you're in the right place, my friend! Let's give them a once-in-a-life-time gift and experience to not only honor and love them like they deserve, but also capture their stories for the future generations of your family!!! Trust me... later down the road, you will thank yourself for it. 


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Hi, my name is KT Howie!

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