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Build deeper, more meaningful connection with the ones you love most

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We shouldn't go through life never really knowing the ones we love most.

A documentary film is the perfect way to create deeper, more meaningful connection with your loved one... on and off camera.

I create documentary films to help you capture your loved one's life legacy and precious memories on camera. These sit-down interviews help you and your family slow down,  ask intentional questions to get to know each other on a deeper level and to connect in a way you've NEVER experienced before. I'm a firm believer that EVERY single person on this earth has a story worth telling. My heart is to help you to capture your love one's epic legacy to cherish and pass down to the future generations. Let me help you tell their story.

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I'm here to help YOU not only grow closer and better connect with your loved ones, but capture their legacy so your kids and grandkids can know and love those who shaped YOU into who you are today.

If you're ready for deeper, more meaningful connection with ones you love most... you're in the right place!

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I'm here to help YOU not only grow closer with your grandparents and better connect with them, but capture their legacy so your kids and grandkids can know and love those who shaped YOU into who you are today.

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This is the final product...

Documentary films for your loved ones are designed to not only capture their legacy and precious memories on camera (that's just the icing on the cake), but to also help you create a deeper, more meaningful connection. During the shoot, I will ask many different questions to prompt stories. And this will open the door to intentional and powerful conversations you've never even DREAMED of starting... or HAVE but were a little afraid (trust me... I've been there)! This is your chance to grow closer with the ones you love most.

but you'll get so much more than a documentary film!

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Now, you'll just sit back, relax and wait for me to finish the final product... a full 30-45 minute documentary powerfully capturing your loved one's FULL life story. And when it's delivered, you'll not only have the opportunity to watch their story again and again, but able to watch it as a family together... honoring the one you love most.

The Final Product

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On the day of the shoot, I'll arrive. My goal is to make your grandparents feel as comfortable as possible, so they get excited abotu teh interview. I will set up and we'll start rolling! After filming the interview, we will move into the portrait photography session. Badda bing, badda boom!

Lights, camera, ACTION

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Get excited for a one-in-a-life time experience. Before the interview goes down, this is my chance to get to know you, your family and more about that party peep you love oh-so much. All to prepare questions for the interview and draw out as much of their stories as we possible can!!


Here's how it'll all go down...

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• think they’re the bee’s knees.​​​​​​​​
• want to spend more precious quality time with them but struggle because life is busy
• value their opinions and advice.​​​​​​​​
• hope to grow closer in your relationship with them.​​​​​​​​
• they have an incredible story you want to cherish long after they’re gone​​​​​​​​.
• desire to document their wisdom for years to come.
• crave connect with your heritage and family roots.
• are excited to show your future children and grandchildren those you love.

You should book a session for your grandparents if you...

I'm ready to deepen my relationship with them!

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We adore our grandparents. And we LOVE spending time with them. But the reality is… life is busy and it’s hard to make time. When we booked KT to film a documentary, it helped our entire family slow down and spend intentional quality time. During the filming process, we connected in a way we’d never experienced before. We heard stories that made our jaws literally drop to the FLOOR!! And after it was all said and done, it helped us keep the conversations going… so we could have meaningful, intentional moments on and off camera. These documentary films gave us a chance to deepen our relationship with our grandparents, and keep the momentum going long after we received in final film (which is amazing by the way). Hire her to capture your grandparent’s story. I promise… it will be the BEST decision you make and you’ll watch them over and over again in awe of how powerful their stories are" - Natalie

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"This film changed our family's life!


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Less talkin' more walkin'

Want your loved one's story down on film?

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their story matters

My name is KT and I’m a Golden Years Portrait photographer based on Oahu, Hawaii with a heart to serve families all around the United States. I'm a FIRM believer that every single person has a story. Yup... everyone. Including YOU and your loved ones. My goal is to help YOU document your grandparent's legacies through portrait photography and filmed interviews soo you can cherish their stories forever. In simple terms, we sit down for a heart to heart, while they tell their WHOLE life story. From there, I craft the 2-3 hours of footage into a POWERFUL 30 minute documentary showcasing all the ups and downs, trails and triumphs. Sooo if you absolutely ADORE your grandparents and think they're the bee's knees... then you're in the right place, my friend! Let's give them a once-in-a-life-time gift and experience to not only honor and love them like they deserve, but also capture their stories for the future generations of your family!!! Trust me... later down the road, you will thank yourself for it. 


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Hi, my name is KT Howie!

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photographer, documentary filmmaker, storyteller & friend here to help you capture your grandparent's epic legacy 

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I was so grateful for the wonderful documentary that she did on my mom and dad and I will cherish it for a lifetime! Her skills and talent for doing portraits and documentaries are impeccable." - Lori


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"KT knows how to capture the essence of a person’s soul.


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I'm a huge advocate for connecting with those you love most. Here are a few ways to get incredible conversations started and grow closer with your grandparents.


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